When is Fred coming back?

I am so sorry that you ended up here. I had to move my site as the provider leveraged a change in what they wanted to offer. Everyone keeps changing the rules and referencing the section of the ever-changing agreement that says "change at anytime". They learned from the cell service providers I think. Cut my disk space in half, without as much as a by-your-leave!

In order to prevent the search engine robots and spiders from disallowing this redirection as spam, I must place a timeout parameter of at least 30 seconds here.

It often amazes me how much we expect to HAPPEN in 30 seconds. Damn "web time"!  It is turning us all into impatient beasts. If you are bored of the cat....Click HERE. It will take you to:


Family, family origins, Chinese Crested, Magik, Domino, IBM, ebusiness designer, software designer, Berardi, Fred Berardi, Lotus, Business Process, business process, re-engineering, blue eyes, grandfather, legacy, tiny, global, channeling, healing, heterosexual, specialist, generalist, inventor, handyman, wizard This started out as a Berardi Family tree. It ended up as a repository of over 1000 people in almost 400 families. It all started with a little girl who remembered very vividly the reminders from her mother to remember the name of her grandma. After many years Blanche (the now grown little girl), obtained a Xerox copy of an old photo of Emma Foster. 18 years later we have this offering. Please enjoy your visit to our family. Tell us if you enjoyed your stay